The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me on this new adventure. In May of 2019, I “re-homed” my 25+ voice students in Washington, DC and Charles Town, WV, resigned from my position at St. Alban’s as soprano section leader and Music Associate where I also ran the newly formed chorister program, and had my final coaching sessions with the choristers of St. Paul’s K St. Three moving truck rentals later, we started calling St. Thomas Choir School in Manhattan “home”.

So… what? That has been the big question! Of course, I will continue to sing and I have a few fun projects brewing. One is plans and research for a recording of the music of French female organ composers of the early to mid-20th century with my friend and organist, Joy-Leilani Garbutt which will expand upon repertoire we have done together in recitals over the last 2 years. She has uncovered even more music for Soprano and Organ during her Fulbright year in France as she worked to compile materials for her PhD studies.  I am STILL sitting on a pile of recordings that Jeremy Filsell and I recorded together last spring and another pile from 4 years ago, so it is my hope to make my way through those recordings and come up with a CD of music you do not know that you need to know. 

Most importantly, I am enjoying sitting back and watching my sons make music and helping them to find their way in our new home town (it is rather large compared to Charles Town, WV). I’ve been in joyful tears more than once already watching Will sing as a chorister at St. Thomas 5th Ave and can’t wait to hear Paul’s first orchestra concert with InterSchool Orchestras and his first appearance as a BASS(!!! He was still singing treble in June!) with the Trinity Wall Street Youth Choir. 

Please have a look and listen around my website. I will be working on updating and adding more information and recordings in the coming months. I am also working on the idea of a blog which will give insight into the life, thoughts, ponderings and opinions of a professional choral/ensemble/church music soprano living in an Anglo-American Choir BOY world!  At this time the entire site is a work in progress, but aren’t we all!