After taking a year off from basically everything to help my boys adjust to our giant leap from Small Town, USA to The Big Apple, I realized I missed teaching and decided to jump back into the studio last fall. I reached out to former students and was pleased to find they were excited to hear that I was starting to teach online. Right at the same time, I also met several new local students who were excited to hear that I was starting a New York studio. It was meant to be and so here I am with a growing on-line and in-person studio right here in Manhattan. 

Take a moment to check out my voice/music lessons page to learn the difference between a “voice” lesson and a “music” lesson and learn more about my teaching philosophy and 20+ years of teaching experience. I am delighted to be back in the studio watching students grow, helping them set realistic and challenging goals, and guiding them on their own personal musical journey. 

I have also (finally!) started my blog. I look forward to bringing you my unique perspective as a woman living and working in this vibrant “Choir Boy” community. I will also be inviting guest “bloggers” to contribute as well since I am not the first, only or last woman to exist among the boys. Feel free to ask questions or even suggest topics. I’d love to hear from you!